GST Software built for Small Business

Accounting knowledge not required. Take control of your GST compliance and manage it like a pro.

Benefits we offer

The service we offer is specifically designed to make GST compliance easy

Save Time

Our customers spend significantly less time on GST preparation and compliance every month.

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Error Free

Our System prepares GST returns with 100% accuracy as per GST laws to give you complete peace of mind.

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Data is secure on the cloud and available for access from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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Advanced Features

We are very UX focussed and continously improving to bring you more useful features.

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Save your time by automating routine and repetitve tasks.

Create Invoices and Ewaybills, Send Quotations and Payment Reminders, Generate Return Reports in seconds. All it takes is 1-3 clicks.

  • Item Masters autofills product details such as HSN code, Tax Rate etc.
  • Autofill Customer billing details and manage multiple shipping addresses.
  • Generate E-waybill in a few clicks, without the need to login to ewaybill portal.
  • Leveraging taxpayer search, fetch couterparty details automatically just by GSTIN.

Accurate and Error-Free filing for complete peace of mind.

GST return data format is complex and prone to errors with manual preparation. Computer generated returns are accurate and eliminate human error.

  • With the same data source GSTR1- GSTR 3B mismatch is a thing of the past.
  • No calculation mistakes.
  • Accurate Challans. No paying tax under the wrong head.
  • Accurate filing makes Annual return GSTR 9 filing smooth and hassle free.

Your business data is extremely valuable and secured accordingly.

Financial data is extremely valuable and should be treated as such. We offer complete privacy at a level unmatched by local service provider.

  • Your data at your fingertips. Available to you for access from anywhere in the world.
  • Encryption and regular backups on the cloud servers.
  • 100% privacy- Only you see your data. No unauthorised access to anyone.
  • Encryption and regular backups on the cloud servers.

Advanced features make our software fun to use.

We are focussed on offering a clean, simple and easy to use app with the latest functionality and updates.

  • Import GSTR 2B and reconcile with your purchase invoices.
  • Get timely reminders and never miss a deadline.
  • App updated inline wiith latest GST regulation.
  • Various reports to help you analyse your business performance.

Our Pricing

We offer honest pricing with no hidden charges. Our software is completely free to use. We only charge a minimal fee if you use our services to file GST returns.

Its Free for Life ! No hidden Charges. No credit card required!

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Software Only

  • Create Invoices
  • Taxpayer Search
  • 1-Click Ewaybill
  • Email Documents
  • GSTR 2 Reconciliaition
  • 7/24Support
  • Return Filing


If you don't see an answer to your question, you can message us on email provided in our contact details

According to the model GST a compliance rating is assigned to all taxpayers. Having a good rating means better confidence amoung your customers regarding ITC, faster refunds and perhaps better terms offered by financial institutions.

Software is completely free to use - forever. It is NOT a limited time free trial. We beleive small businesses have a lot to worry about, GST should not be one of them and hence we have made it software use free -no strings attached.

What makes our software unique is its simplicity and ease of use. GST is a complex system and most softwares on the market are too bulky/complex/expensive for small business.

This is not a generic software but built specifically for small business. In our endeavour to make GST easier for small business without compromising on accuracy we have stripped all the edge cases which rarely apply to SMEs. For eg: we do not support Export/import or E-invoicing

Since Jan1 ,2022, it is mandatory to take ITC as per GSTR 2A. This makes it necessary to match your purchases with GSTR 2A to stay compliant

If you wish a refund, just drop us an email. We will refund the credit balance with us within 24 hours.

Drop us an email and we will get a GST expert to schedule a call with you to understand your custom requirements and offer a solution

Your data is 100% secure on our servers with 2048 bit encryption. We also have daily backups. We can quickly restore in case of unforeseen emergency.
Also , there is an added benefit of privacy of your sensitive business data not available when you file through local vendors.

We are trusted by clients all over India. Join them now for complete peace of mind over GST compliances.